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100+ Experiential Events Transformed!

Welcome to Purple Pine Productions, Unleashing boundless creativity for the past 2 years, our experiential marketing agency has redefined event experiences. With over 100 mind-blowing executions under our belt, we've left audiences spellbound.


Backed by 15 years of industry expertise, our team pioneers the art of captivating storytelling. Immerse yourself in our world of extraordinary brand activations, immersive launches, and unforgettable events.


Partner with us and let's create impactful moments that redefine experiential marketing.



Product Launch

Setting the Stage for Unforgettable Product Unveilings: In the realm of mesmerizing product launches, our agency has orchestrated captivating experiences that have left audiences spellbound. From partnering with esteemed brands like Skoda, Nyka, Paco Rabanne, and more, we've crafted extraordinary moments that transcend the ordinary.


Harnessing the Power of Knowledge Exchange: In the realm of groundbreaking conferences, our agency has orchestrated transformative gatherings for esteemed organizations like Deloitte and Novartis. We believe that conferences are catalysts for innovation, bringing together industry thought leaders, visionaries, and experts to ignite conversations that shape the future.


Annual Meets

Elevating Connections and Inspiring Growth: At the heart of our expertise lies the art of curating extraordinary annual meets for renowned organizations like HSBC and Aditya Birla Group. We understand the significance of these gatherings as moments of reflection, celebration, and charting the path ahead.


Rewards & Recognition

Celebrating Excellence on a Global Stage: Our international rewards and recognition events went beyond mere ceremonies; they became transformative moments where dreams were celebrated, barriers were broken, and aspirations were elevated. By crafting engaging environments and incorporating innovative elements, we ensured that every attendee felt appreciated, motivated, and part of a global community striving for greatness.

Live Concerts

Unleashing Unforgettable Live Concert Experiences: In our pursuit of creating extraordinary experiences, our agency has had the privilege of curating and producing breathtaking live concerts featuring renowned artists like Farhan Akhtar, French Kiwi Juice, Armaan Malik, and more. These electrifying events were more than just performances; they were immersive journeys that stirred the soul and left audiences mesmerized.